How One Strange Coincidence Brought Together A Republican And A Liberal Waitress

Life works in mysterious ways and Rosalynd Harris can attest to that, after meeting a Republican from Texas, who turned out to be the man of her dreams.


For so many years, we’ve been convinced that it’s important for couples to have a lot in common. Sometimes, things are way more complex than that. The wonderful example of Rosalynd and Jason proves that fate works in really mysterious ways. Who could have known that these two will end up together?


The beginning of the story

When Jason traveled to Washington D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump, he decided to grab something to eat with his friends. They chose Busboys and Poets, a restaurant famous for being the gathering place of people with liberal and progressive views. It’s safe to say that his Make America Great Again cap caused quite a few looks as he entered the place.


Out of place

Even though he never had a single racist or bigoted thought in his entire life, Jason was well aware of the way people were looking at him as he sat down at the table. There couldn’t have been a bigger contrast between the African art hanging on the walls and the loud, easily distinguishable Texan accent the men were talking with.


High spirits

Jason didn’t feel much easier when he saw a young African American waitress approaching him. At first, he thought he was going to be warned to remove the cap and leave the restaurant, but he was wrong. The 25-year-old Rosalynd was an avid civil rights activist, still buzzed from the feelings The Women’s March gave her.


Politics not on mind

The four guys were in luck because it’s very hard to find a more open minded person than Rosalynd. The guys felt that immediately and started chatting to her about their home state, their profession, and other usual chat subjects. Even though the atmosphere was easier, Jason still didn’t want to add politics to the mix.


Pride and Prejudice

Even the easy-going and open-minded Rosalynd later admitted to having a prejudicial mindset in the first place. She noticed right away, even without the caps, that they were Trump supporters and added that she felt ashamed of herself a little bit, mostly because she assumed they thought bad of her because of her race.


Living in hardship

Many times, when we see someone is a little bit down, we tend to avoid the thought of thinking that there might be a reason for that. Rosalynd too had her causes of worry, as she needed to work overtime to pay her bills because her dancing career didn’t really take off right away.


Extraordinarily considerate

Jason was in luck because the usual bad mood when something is going on didn’t apply to Rosalynd. If it were some other person, maybe they would even get kicked out, but Rosalynd approached them with nothing but smiles, kindness and gentle chatting. Thus, she amazed a few strangers she had nothing in common with.


Keeping your enemies close?

Even though politics is an important part of our daily lives, nowhere does it say that it should affect the way we look at other people, nor how we treat them. Both Rosalynd and Jason left their political convictions at the front door and the result was a heartwarming and lovely chat.


The tipping rule

Unlike most countries, in the United States, there exists an unwritten rule about tipping the waiter at least 20%, depending on the quality of the service. Because Jason and his mates racked up a bill of around $70, Rosalynd expected the usual $14, but instead got completely blown away by one strange gesture.


The righteousness

Unlike your average supporter of a political party, Jason is very open minded and even went to see the Women’s March. To him, that freedom of choice is the core meaning of what it is to be an American. As he was in a completely new environment, Jason felt suddenly compelled to do something positive and unusual.


The thought blew him away

The weekend before, Jason pondered a bit when he visited Arlington Cemetery with his friends. As he witnessed the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a thought occurred in his head. If we are all buried in the same ground when we pass away, why are politics the reason that we are divided whilst alive?


The admiration note

All that emotion started building up, with the trigger being the wonderful behavior and extraordinary service he experienced from Rosalynd. He decided to write her a personal note about her impression of her and the entire trip to Washington. After doing that, he did the absolutely least expected thing in that situation.


What the note revealed

As he took the receipt, he wrote that different cultures and opposite spectra of the political compass are not the reason for someone not to see the lovely smile and heartwarming kindness of another person. He expressed his belief that they are all Americans, regardless of race, gender or any similar issue. Oh, and one more thing…


The big surprise

Remember when we said that it’s normal to leave a tip when you’re in the US? Well, Jason did leave a tip on the $70 bill. Just not the usual $14 one, but an astounding $450 – an amount that can really mean a lot to a waitress working overtime and struggling to make ends meet with all the expenses in her life.


The act of kindness

The $450 was not without reason, as it is a slight nod to the fact that Trump became the 45th president of the United States. That tip wasn’t showing off, it was Jason’s way of showing that kindness is universal and that only positive acts may turn American into a truly unified country, with all differences aside.


Beyond political barriers

Even though the tip wasn’t modest, Jason surely was. He felt no need at all to brag about his deed to his three best friends. That urge was just a product of an emotional weekend and some honest appreciation of a beautiful experience with a kind and polite young waitress. It really goes beyond politics…


Support for Trump

Although he is a conservative Christian, Jason is very honest and outspoken. He has no problem at all admitting that Trump sometimes irritates him because of his lack of care for what he speaks in public. Despite all that, he truly has faith that Trump will make significant changes and bring people together.


A better world

It really isn’t about a politics and opinions on social issues. It’s much simpler than that, as the world revolves around love and kindness. Those two factors urge people to spread positivity and do kind deeds, all with a common goal of creating a better environment and a better American for all those under its wings.


Unexpected twist in the tale

Just like Jason has no problem admitting Trump is sometimes wrong, Rosalynd also radiated with true honesty. As she openly admitted that she had a prejudicial mindset, there was no doubt that the exchange between her and Jason was something rare and beautiful, along with Jason’s surprising gesture.


Hope is everything

Hope. That’s what Rosalynd said first came to her mind as the kept smiling with joy as she read Jason’s note. In the midst of all the occurrences with the Women’s March and everything, the previous joy was overshadowed by the feeling of general human unity and a hope that people might one day overcome their differences.


Humility always wins

Another thing that struck Rosalynd was the humble way with which Jason proudly carried himself. No causing scenes, no bragging nor drawing attention – his goal was clear and that was pure human benevolence. Both he and she stated that that kind of energy is necessary for every person to experience.

Trump supporter explains $450 tip, note to waitress

Viral on social media

Even though Jason had every intention to keep the whole situation low key, the people at Busboys and Poets felt the urge to share this wonderful act of kindness to their followers on Twitter. The post was met with overwhelming support and a general praise for a wonderful humane act.


He has different views

Alas, that kind of mindset doesn’t run through us all. One example of that is a regular patron at the restaurant, by the name of Jason Reynolds. He openly states that the guys shouldn’t be applauded for being decent as this is a normal thing, adding that such praising makes it feel like bad behavior is something normal and constant.


The Patriot

After an emotional rollercoaster, Jason felt true love for his home country and thus decided to give back. He did the right thing, as there is no better way to give than to empower the men and women who work in the service industry, the eternal backbone, and support of an already great country. A true act of patriotism.


Unity is strength

Even though Rosalynd is open-minded, she had no problem admitting that she learned a valuable lesson that day. That lesson is that kindness and love are universal and that they should never fall victim to prejudicial thoughts that we have gotten so used to. They didn’t know each other at all and refused to let race or opinion tear them apart.


Spread love

Jason also noted that that afternoon was a game changer for him and that it motivated him to be a better man towards other and a better American, in order to set an example. It’s the best thing a man can do – spread knowledge and empower those around you and within your circle.


Welcome to all

In a place that has been lauded as a hub for free thinkers and open-minded individuals, such a “cowboy” like Jason was the least expected person to appear there. Maybe that’s precisely the beauty of such locations – everybody is welcome. Even if people disagree, civilized dialogues help people learn from each other and grow closer.