Check Out The Strongest Marvel Comics Superheroes

It is a well known fact that Marvel Comics pretty much towers over each and any competitor in their line of work. The result of their 77 year long existence is a plethora of notable heroes – men and women who surpassed their fictional form and became true pop culture icons.

Mr. Fantastic

Although not as flashy or inhuman such as other crowd favorites, Reed Richards never ceases to amaze us with the sheer power of his mind in order to save the world over and over again. It is Mr. Fantastic at No. 20.


 Invisible Woman

Susan Storm, although more powerful than Reed, is also more significant for her mental capabilities – an unyielding source of reason, logic and calmness.


The Thing

The original, unavoidable tough guy of the Marvel Cosmos, but there is more to him than sheer brute force – because of his past, he is deemed as a tragic character and an example of relentlessness.



An AI (Artificial Intelligence) forged by the villain Ultron himself to help him wreak havoc, but instead found a fountain of humanity within himself and is committed to preventing wrongdoings.



One of the, if not the most, polarizing characters in comic book history. With equal arguments for his benevolence and evil, it can be safe to conclude that he is in fact the epitome of nature’s chaotic omnipotence.



The demigoddess of elemental forces, capable of twisting the very foundation of nature and bending it to her will. Somewhat like Nemor, Storm is the embodiment of cosmic chaos and justice.



Don’t let the relative failure of her own movie discourage you from venturing deeper into the enigma that is this confusing, mesmerizing assassin, and  at the same time the lover and arch nemesis of Daredevil.


Doctor Strange

The once gifted but self-centered, albeit brilliant doctor who traded himself to The Ancient One in exchange for the mastery of the mystical arts and sorcery unknown even to the wildest mind in existence.



When it comes to the first X-Man and original protégé of Professor Charles Xavier, the words leader, unbreakable and Rhadamantine come to mind. Cyclops is the supreme force of good and watchful guardian.


Johnny Storm

A hero so confusing, able to mix boyish, teenage immaturity with fiery (no pun intended) and incessant passion and ever readiness to face whatever challenge the forces of evil throw in front of him and his fellow warriors.



The vigilante that resembles the vindictiveness within all of us, Frank Castle is the chaotic good the cosmos needs. Everybody knows the swiftness and lack of mercy with which this former marine deposes of wrongdoers and criminals.


Silver Surfer

Why this high, you ask? Well, if we indulge into contemplation a bit, it isn’t that easy to turn into a protector of Earth when you were once the herald of a villain named Galactus, the Devourer of worlds, is it?


Captain America

The epitome of justice, righteousness and sacrifice, Mr. Steve Rogers provides the necessary qualities to be the leader of a band of highly talented savants, such as the Avengers.



One of the mightiest beings in the universe, the Asgardian god of Thunder and Odin’s first and oldest son, is tasked with the highly-challenging task of defending both the realm of gods and the realm of humanity.


Iron Man

When you’re the arrogant son of a millionaire who is bent on selling weapons to terrorist groups, it’s impossible to be a force of good, right? Well, not unless you commit your whole life and wealth to making the world a better place, of course.hh15


Anyone who is able to balance regular transformations between a genius scientist and a green hunk of muscle and rage and still be a force of good and a tool against the wrongdoers – deserves praise.


Black Panther

When you’re a king of a technologically dominant African nation, a scientist, a veteran Avenger, a martial arts master and still determined to cooperate with the brightest minds and heroes of the world to save it over and over again.



During the day he is just a regular trial lawyer who happened to not possess the power of sight anymore, but after the sun sets, he morphs into a katana wielding, superhumanly aware vigilante who guard New York and its inhabitants.



A vagabond whose past is a vast collection of blood, betrayal and war-waging, James “Logan” Howlett uses his adamantium claws, beast like constitution and an inhumanly fast healing factor to combat all those who disturb the good and innocent.



Top of the list is Spidey. The most relatable of all, a slightly hyperbolized example of balancing the heavy burdens of immense power and suffocating responsibility to those less fortunate and less potent, Peter Parker is a mosaic and surely does contain a little bit of us all deep within him.